Funding Solutions is an effective, energetic and successful team of professionals that works with local community and organization leaders to enable them to achieve their vision.


Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce

February 2019

“We recently began our sixth campaign with the most ambitious program and most aggressive goal in our history. Once again, we partnered with Funding Solutions to achieve our desired outcomes. Our goal of $2.5 million was exceeded! We are currently at $2.65 million and growing. Most importantly, The Partnership initiative has taken on key issues to drive prosperity in our county. Funding Solutions delivered again and has been a partner for over 26 years!”

John Seymour, President and CEO


Opportunity Stanislaus

February 2019

“Funding Solutions was instrumental in helping us form Opportunity Stanislaus. Recently, Fred Mickelson and Tom Mucks visited with us here in Modesto, CA to check on our progress with our investors and the Opportunity Stanislaus initiative. Together we visited current and prospective investors and Fred Mickelson conducted an offsite session with our Board of Directors…all that in just three days! Funding Solutions not only delivered in the initial campaign, but is there to make sure we are successful. They have exceeded our expectations!”

David White, President and CEO

“We like to visit our clients on a regular basis and check in to see how they are doing reaching their goals. Opportunity Stanislaus is doing a great job meeting and exceeding the planned outcomes.”

Tom Mucks, President of Funding Solutions


Shelby County Arts Council

February 2019

Funding Solutions is pleased to announce our newest client, the Shelby County Arts Council. The SCAC will be the centerpiece of a new Municipal Complex known as Old Mill Square in Columbiana, AL. The new facility will house a black box theatre, an art gallery, art and musical instruction spaces, a foundry and an indoor pavilion.


“We are very excited to partner with such a fantastic project. The collaboration between the private and public sectors to build an incredible asset for central Alabama is remarkable and it is an honor for Funding Solutions to be chosen to help complete the fundraising.”

Tom Mucks, President of Funding Solutions

“We are excited about our new space and the opportunities that lay before us. We believe South Shelby County will be an arts and cultural destination for our state and beyond in the years to come. We believe that the infusion of arts and cultural opportunities into a community raises the value of that community at every conceivable level.”

Bruce Andrews, Executive Director, Shelby County Arts Council

As Funding Solutions begins our 22nd year, 2019 is pivotal as we plan for the future. Our success and need to deliver more Funding Solutions products to new and existing clients affords us the opportunity to search for the right individual to become a Funding Solutions Partner. Interested? Please forward your resume to Tom Mucks at

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Recent Campaign Success:

$1.75 million
The Shoals Chamber of Commerce

$2.1 million
Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce (more than 20% over their goal)

$1.5 million
Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

$3.5 million
Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama