Our senior team is fully engaged and accountable during the entire process. We help you outline the strategic framework, build consensus and obtain funding from public and private sector entities.

Senior Partner

With more than 30 years of management and top officer responsibility in the business community, and concurrent experience as the top volunteer leader of 14 community, state and national non-profit organizations, Fred, senior partner with Funding Solutions for nearly a decade, brings a unique blend of business and non-profit acumen to any forum. His career credits cover the spectrum from initiating three small “skunk works” operations to successful management of a 6000-person workforce and $600 million annual budget.

During the middle 1990’s Fred placed particular emphasis on enhancing community quality of life through economic development, and was appointed by the governor of California through the secretary of Trade and Commerce on three occasions to select and head a California “Red Team” to retain or recruit major corporations in California. He and his handpicked private and public sector team achieved the objective in each instance.

In his capacity as chairman of the board of the Orange County Business Council in California, Fred led the initiative in 1994-1995 to raise over $8 million for economic development in Orange County in 10 months—during the middle of the internationally publicized Orange County bankruptcy. No newcomer to the fundraising arena, Fred has raised millions of dollars for worthy projects during his career.

Fred is in high demand as a speaker, trainer and group facilitator and is nationally certified as both an Arbitrator and a Mediator. Fred is an advisory board member for three software companies in California. He is the past chairman of the National Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society, a member of the Governing Council of the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (International Union Against Cancer) with a global reach in over 120 countries.

Fred is based out of Portland, Oregon. He has Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Administrative Science from Pepperdine University. Fred and his wife, Joan, have two children and reside on their Triple C Ranch in Newberg, Oregon.

H. Fred Mickelson

H. Fred Mickelson

Somewhere along the way, Fred picked up the nickname “Mr. Fix-it” because of his ability to solve issues in management/crisis situations in both the business and non-profit sectors.