Our senior team is fully engaged and accountable during the entire process. We help you outline the strategic framework, build consensus and obtain funding from public and private sector entities.

1. Leadership Consensus Building

We will interview appropriate members of your staff and key community leaders to determine program feasibility, positioning and funding goals.

2. Campaign Proposal

The information we collect during our Initial Interview will be used to develop our Campaign Proposal. In this proposal we will also make recommendations on our involvement. Some clients need it all, some simply need a little guidance. We'll make the recommendation we feel is right for your organization. This proposal will also include ideas for the materials needed to achieve your goals.

3. Team Development

We will work with you and your staff to determine the appropriate team for the funding effort. Teams are typically a mix of the staff members of Funding Solutions and our client, and always include the appropriate principal from Funding Solutions. We will assist you in selecting and securing the campaign chairperson, co-chairs, steering committee and a campaign cabinet, if necessary. A campaign office will be established, typically at the client's office.

4. Sales Material Development

We will continue the production of all materials related to the campaign as outlined in our Campaign Proposal, including an Executive Summary. This summary will serve as one of our primary sales tools.

5. Presentation & Professional Sales Calls

Funding Solutions will coordinate and conduct all the presentations and sales calls needed to achieve your goals. We will also make sure the proper follow-up to these meetings is conducted.

6. Letter of Intent

We will secure a letter of intent for all commitments. We will also provide twice monthly status reports and documentation that will remain in the permanent files of your program.

Funding Solutions has a successful track record in setting and achieving the goals of our clients. We have a passion for our work, and more importantly, we are committed and accountable as a funding partner.