Funding Solutions is more than fundraising... we partner with our clients to develop strategic solutions to clearly identify goals and objectives that are specific to reaching their community's potential.

Successful strategic planning requires input, time and talent of an organization’s constituency and a focused plan to communicate with the volunteer leadership, the professional staff, the donors, the private and public sectors, foundations, community opinion leaders and all those touched by your organization.

We stand ready, willing and able to be your partner in creating a solid framework and clear pathway to success. Funding Solutions will be your trusted partner in crafting a strategic solution specifically tailored to the situations you face today.

Funding Solutions will:

  • Evaluate your current strategic plan and help to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on the communication process and executing a plan to succeed
  • Develop a plan to build existing relationships and develop new partnerships
  • Educate professional staff on how to present your organization to the community
  • Assist in creating a concise, highly usable strategic and operational plan
  • Provide a strategy to achieve your mission, goals and objectives

With careful strategic planning and the hands-on assistance of Funding Solutions principals your community will more accurately identify, understand, target and communicate a direction that is right for your market and its citizens. We help you develop a plan to retain, develop and strengthen your community's competitive edge.