Stanilus County Chamber Of Commerce Opportunity Stanilus Campaign

Opportunity Stanislaus

Opportunity Stanislaus“Funding Solutions was instrumental in helping us form Opportunity Stanislaus. Recently, Fred Mickelson and Tom Mucks visited with us here in Modesto, CA to check on our progress with our investors and the Opportunity Stanislaus initiative. Together we visited current and prospective investors and Fred Mickelson conducted an offsite session with our Board of Directors… all that in just three days! Funding Solutions not only delivered in the initial campaign, but is there to make sure we are successful. They have exceeded our expectations!”

— David White, President and CEO

“We like to visit our clients on a regular basis and check in to see how they are doing reaching their goals. Opportunity Stanislaus is doing a great job meeting and exceeding the planned outcomes.”

— Tom Mucks, President of Funding Solutions

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