Funding Solutions focuses on four development pillars that are critical to our clients’ overall success. As we launch new projects, the Funding Solutions team delivers through a willingness to go above and beyond the contract.

Our small yet robust firm takes a unique approach to capital campaigns, involving all partners in each project from its inception. The Funding Solutions team develops a collective knowledge base and draws from past experiences to invest the time and effort necessary to enable and motivate leadership to ensure the vision and mission are accomplished.  Funding Solutions seamlessly meshes our corporate backgrounds and nonprofit leadership wisdom to offer strategic framework AND execution planning. We deliver comprehensive analysis, develop fundraising strategies and implementation plans while leading success-driven campaigns for organizations and communities. Fueled by passion, commitment and accountability, Funding Solutions is a long-term solutionist to a successful capital campaign.

Economic & Community Betterment

We build on strengths and address weaknesses to change a region’s economic capacity and business vitality with sustained involvement in the community’s infrastructure, assets and labor pool.

Strategic Development Solutions

We lead development phases that result in a framework and action plan providing a clear pathway to success through partnership. Successful strategic planning requires input, time and talent.

Leadership Development Solutions

We excel in assisting organizations as they identify and develop market leaders with our unmatched Leadership Development programs addressing the essential elements of leadership.

Workforce & Talent Development

We provide strategic answers to workforce and talent development challenges. We have successfully developed the framework for our clients in order to attract, recruit, retain and build talent.

Why our clients love to work with us.

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We stand poised and prepared to be more than just an organization’s capital campaign partner. Contact us today to inquire about our processes and team or explore the opportunities for partnership and development.