Strategic Development Solutions

Time, talent and input from our clients’ constituency lay the foundation to develop a focused long-term plan to communicate with those involved: volunteer leadership, professional staff, investors, private and public sector foundations and community opinion leaders. Key players receive hands-on assistance to more accurately identify, understand, target and communicate decisions and operational directions. We not only aid in the development of plans, but provide support for sustainability and the continued growth of our clients’ competitive edge.


As a committed partner for Economic & Community Betterment, Funding Solutions will:

  1. Evaluate an organization’s current strategic plan and help to determine strengths and weaknesses
  2. Focus on the communication process and executing a plan to succeed
  3. Develop a plan to build existing relationships and develop new partnerships
  4. Educate professional staff on how to present an organization to the community
  5. Assist in creating a concise, highly usable strategic and operational plan
  6. Provide a strategy to achieve an organization’s mission, goals and objectives

Why our clients love to work with us.

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