Workforce & Talent Development

The ability of any city, county or region to attract new business and industry while growing its existing businesses all centers on an available and skilled workforce. Workforce challenges across the country are not new but the challenges are compounding and must be addressed in order to experience true growth and prosperity.


Funding Solutions provides strategic answers to workforce and talent development challenges. We have successfully developed the framework for our clients in order to attract, recruit, retain and build talent. Our proven “business & industry driven” model addresses the specific needs of the local community. These collaborative efforts bring together community and education partners to deliver an educated, skilled and trained workforce fully prepared to meet the needs of business and industry.


As a committed partner for Workforce & Talent Development, Funding Solutions will:

  1. Identify key business and industry partners in order to drive programs
  2. Identify community and education partners
  3. Form collaborative partnerships with community and education partners; including the execution of Memorandums of Understanding to alleviate any duplication of efforts
  4. Assess the current workforce and talent development needs of business and industry
  5. Develop a workforce strategy specific to the local needs
  6. Incorporate the workforce and talent program of work into an overarching economic development strategy

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