Leadership Development Solutions

Our leadership development programs are unmatched and uniquely designed to address the essential elements of leadership and inspire change. For the fundraising field, we provide organizational development for community funding purposes. Developing the skill-sets of key community leaders is integral to aligning a sustainable network of committed leaders. Together, we actively improve and renew systems, efforts and long-term collaboration.


As a committed partner for Economic & Community Betterment, Funding Solutions will:

  1. Get other people involved and help them achieve success
  2. Challenge the status quo and inspire positive change
  3. Build a strong board of directors through retreat-style meetings and coaching
  4. Evaluate an organization’s leadership strengths and weaknesses, then make recommendations for improvement
  5. Recommend solutions that will allow leadership to grow in sync with the mission of the organization
  6. Energize, motivate and help others, then celebrate the success
  7. Execute to succeed and understand incremental growth
  8. Focus on processes and encourage quality effort

Why our clients love to work with us.

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We stand poised and prepared to be more than just an organization’s capital campaign partner. Contact us today to inquire about our processes and team or explore the opportunities for partnership and development.