Michael S. Noonan

Senior Partner

Mike is an executive who focuses on the growth and leadership of organizations while maintaining the bottom line. Mike spent ten years as Vice President-Investor Relations with the Orange County (CA) Business Council where he provided leadership in fundraising and ongoing investor relations for approximately 100 companies, representing $1.5 million in annual revenue. Mike also led the development of a 34-city network within Orange County in a regional business retention effort.


Mike also has had a distinguished career with Pacific Bell (now AT&T), holding executive positions in San Francisco and Southern California. Serving as Vice President of External Affairs with Pacific Bell, his responsibilities included managing a budget of $2 million and directing a contributions budget PAC of over $200,000 annually. Mike also served as chair of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce fundraising committee that successfully raised more than $8 million in pledges in 1995.


As a senior partner with Funding Solutions, Mike has developed and led successful campaigns in Alabama, California, and Indiana and brings a strong “hands on” understanding of the importance of building lasting relationships with corporate investors.


Over the past 10 years Mike has led Funding Solutions’ “Best in Class” research and analysis efforts, providing clients with valuable benchmarking data for their use in developing their own successful programs of work and maximizing their fundraising potential.


Mike is a native Californian, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Marketing from Whittier College. He and his wife, Nanette, live in northern San Diego, California.

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