Opportunity Stanislaus offers robust talent development

Opportunity Stanislaus’ Next Level Together campaign included building out a highly successful Workforce and Talent Development Initiative, designed to help local employers find the best possible match for their employment needs. Several outcomes were established, including:

Hiring Assistance

  • Businesses get a number of 30-day recruitments where OS lists their jobs online, screens candidates according to their needs and sends them qualified applicants


Hiring-Related Research

  • Businesses get the data they need to hire and maintain leading talent in their industry from OS world-class research department


And more!

  • Information about employee engagement tools available locally
  • Invitations to free and low-cost HR trainings
  • Access to special HR research studies and survey results
  • Ability to participate in WorkKeys, a pre-employment testing service
  • Fee-based services such as ad boosts, phone screenings, reference checks, skip the waitlist, and candidate texting